Hot Issues in Mental Health

Papers related to items elsewhere on the website:

Partnering with Consumers: National Standards (MJA 2015)1.7MB
Childhood determinants of adult mental illness (STAKES/Mindful) 81KB
Housing, homelessness and mental health (Aust Housing & Urban Res Inst) 1.9MB
Community health counselling: Policy framework and program standards (DHS) 979KB
Prevention of Mental Disorders (WHO) 673KB
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN) 139KB
Zero Waiting List (Mawdsley) 148KB
The Lyndale Project (Mawdsley) 1.2MB
Developing the Consumer/Carer Workforce (National MH C&C Forum) 736KB
Indigenous Mental Health (Riwai Wilson) 4.5MB

Academic papers:

Children who bully at school (Aust Inst Family Studies) 1.1MB
Working with families whose child is bullying (Aust Inst Family Studies) 1.3MB
NHMRC Report on Infants (Aust Gov) 1.3MB
NMHC Report on Mental Health and Suicide prevention (Aust Gov) 1.6MB
Young people who self-harm (Orygen Youth Service) 678KB
The Mental Health of Children and Adolescents (Dept Health, Canberra) 1.9MB
An overview of Child and Family Centres (Dept Education, Tas Gov) 236KB
Pilot Early Intervention Program (Gwynne et al; J Paed & Child Health 2008) 2MB
Economic Analysis of Prevention in Mental Health Programs (Mihalopoulos et al; Ann Rev Clin Psychol) 452KB
Improving Mental Health Outcomes in Victoria (Boston Consulting Group) 760KB

Government Policy papers

Because Mental Health Matters (DHS) 501KB
Victoria’s Ten-Year Mental Health Plan (DHS) 734KB
Victoria’s Next Ten-Year Mental Health Strategy (Vic Gov) 15MB
Roadmap for National Mental Health Reform (COAG) 989KB
Roadmap for Reform: strong families, safe children. (DHHS Vic) 2.5MB

MHYFVic Papers

Submission to the Royal Commission on Mental Health Services in Victoria (MHYFVic) 1.5MB
Tele Health (MHYFVic Jo Grimwade) 187KB

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