The Winston Rickards Memorial Oration commemorates the life and work of Winston Selby Rickards (1920-2007) who was the inaugural President of MHYFVic. See biographical notes
The annual oration, organised by MHYFVic with the assistance of associated organisations, is a presentation on a topic of importance to child and family wellbeing

2019 The tenth WRMO
Mental Health & Schooling: The Educational Challenge
Professor Field Rickards, Dr Lisa McKay-Brown, Associate Professor Peggy Kern
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2018 The ninth WRMO was delivered by Dr Allan Mawdsley OAM entitled
Prevention of Mental Disorders in Children
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2017 The Eighth Winston Rickards Memorial Oration
Advocating on the Edge in Public Service: Three quarters of a Century of the Children’s Court Clinic of Victoria.
Dr Patricia Brown, Director, Children’s Court Clinic.
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2016 The seventh Oration was delivered by the Reverend Dr Francis Macnab AM OM PhD DD entitled “Psychotherapy for the very old and the very young”.
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2015 The sixth Oration was given by Bernie Geary, Principal Commissioner, Victorian Commission for Children and Young Persons.
"Hearing the Voice of Vulnerable Children"
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2014 The fifth Oration was given by Professor Louise Newman AM.
“Cry Freedom! Child asylum seekers in Australia : The intersection of human rights and mental health”
As Director of the Centre for Developmental Psychiatry and Psychology at Monash University, and Professor of Child Psychiatry at Monash, Professor Newman has had a longstanding interest in the mental health and wellbeing of child refugees and their families.
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2013 The fourth Oration was given by Professor Allan Fels AO.
“Child and Adolescent Mental Health”
As Chair of the National Mental Health Commission established in 2012, Professor Fels outlined the broad approaches to mental health and mental health services and then focused upon the special challenges concerning the mental health of children, adolescents, carers and families in Australia.
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2012: The third Oration was given by the Honourable Alastair Nicholson AO RFD QC
“Human Rights of Children and Youth in Australia: It is time we got serious”
The Oration deals with the many pressures on children and youth engendered by society, and society’s failure to respond appropriately.
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2011: The second Oration was given by Emeritus Professor Dorothy Scott
“Children as Clients, Consumers or Contributors: How these Roles may Shape Child Wellbeing”
The three roles – client, consumer and contributor, are, of course, not mutually exclusive. Children and young people, like adults, can occupy all three to varying degrees, and each role carries its own potential costs and benefits for the individual child, the family and the community
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2010: The first Oration was given by Professor Bruce Tonge
“Promoting Recovery from Youth Mental Illness”
The Oration deals with the importance of providing appropriate treatment for child and adolescent mental health problems which in some cases set the scene for ongoing mental illness in adult life.
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